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Rebecca is a graphic designer from the UK, who specialises in brand identity. She found her love for design at university and is now currently a designer at Interactive Schools, a creative marketing and communication agency. She is also a studio photographer working part-time at The Picture Company.


Exploring many creative disciplines within art and design, Rebecca found where she belonged when she was introduced to the world of Graphic Design entering university. She is a driven and determined creative who wants to create a positive impact through working in brand identity.


She is a supportive individual who helps the people around her as much as she can. This comes hand in hand with the belief that working as a team is the best way to solve any problem. She is a curious person who is always up for a challenge, loves being part of something new, and is always excited to learn and develop her skills and creativity further.

“Becca was recommended to me by a friend who had seen her work and suggested as I wanted something very specific; would be the best person for a re-brand. I was not disappointed! Becca is able to really understand what you want and need, even though she had to wait quite a while for me to decide exactly what I wanted, this did not stop her from creating some beautiful designs that helped to inspire me, leading me to my final decision. She listened carefully and really tuned into what I needed - advising me along the way. It is obvious she has great talent and knowledge - I am thoroughly pleased with my final logo and she went above and beyond just designing one version, which is all she was asked to do. She gave me different varieties and designs; and the final logo is stunning. Highly recommended!”

— Mel Bevan (Witching Mel)

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