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Brand - Alga 2045 


Looking to the future and predict how the food sector may develop and evolve
(between 20 and 30 years) . Develop and design a new brand and brand identity
that doesn’t yet exist.


Alga is the world’s largest 3D Food Provider Company. With the use of our printers and services, we deliver everything you nutritiously need to your doorstep using our drones, cutting out unsustainable transport, providing food across the globe, and printing billions of products every day. Following our brand mission, we believe everyone deserves the right to food, making sure no one in the world goes to sleep hungry. We have a passion to make sure every household across the globe owns one of our machines to achieve their basic human right.

Our Alga 3d printer offers any food from baked potato and beans to Lobster with
our flavouring system. By buying our printer signs, you up to a monthly subscription: a package that contains your chosen flavour and the algae-based material which creates the structure of your food for the month. The flavour system is so our customers can buy what they can afford, by making sure there are many options in every tier of flavour. Our Creative System also gives businesses an opportunity to experiment and change flavors to create a unique restaurant experience.