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Female gamers make up almost half of the gamers in the world. Yet, there is still a
gender divide. Sexualisation, harassment, bad representation, and unbalance in the
workforce are the main problems that circulate the gaming industry, which creates a very one-sided playing field.


I had to develop and design a new brand identity for equal gaming. This could be for example; a movement, a streaming platform, a gaming event, or a new console. Create and design all the brand assets that would fit around this outcome, such as logo, slogan, website, posters, etc.


Glitch Awards is the annual gaming ceremony, which is all about equality, inclusivity, diversity, and pushing for a better community together. Awarding progressive games/companies/people, bringing to light the problems, and finding ways in which we could fix them is at the heart of the brand. This goes hand in hand with the key messaging, “Be a Glitch”, which comes from this idea that everyone is different, everyone is unique and by embracing and excepting the people around us for those reasons, we can start to be a more inclusive community.

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