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graphic design and illustration

degree show


As part of coursework part three of our Final Major Project. All third years together have developed a degree show for just Graphic Design and Illustration of which we had to contribute to the preparation, display and presence of our FMP work.



We split into four teams. I was part of the Brand Identity Team (Physical Design Team). Rethink, Reflect, Create was the name we chose, as a play on the government's Rethink, Reskill, Reboot’ posters from last year. I created a logo that was used as the final design and has been implemented throughout the brand. I also helped develop the posters, stickers, postcards, and booklet with the brand team.


Credit: to the rest of the Physcial Branding Team (Yasmin McNeill, Sue Elder, Claudia Mendes, Alexandra Budnik, and Rukshar Hussain) and also the rest of Year 3 New Buckinghamshire Graphics and Illustration (2020/21) for all the ideas and development!

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